A Happy Place

Tribe: a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader.

I am really fortunate to have been surrounded by my social tribe for many years now. My support network is comparable to none – they are literally unbelievably awesome. I am privileged enough to have at least three people that I could call “if I ever woke up with a dead hooker in my hotel room.

I have not been so blessed with people I have worked with. I have only ever once before in my life, worked with someone from my tribe. It was the best fun ever. I hadn’t realised quite how important it was to work with your tribe until the beginning of this year when the job that I was in, quite literally made me sick. After several years in healthy remission, my body suddenly decided to grow a new cancerous tumour that I can only attribute to working at the wrong job. It was a shame really. It could so easily have been the right job, had the leader, who I had thought was my tribe, stuck to the mission. However, he got distracted off the Path, as is so easily done.

As much because my doctor told me that if I got sick again I would most likely die; as because I had finally learned the lesson that: whatever work I did next needed to be “on mission” and undoubtedly with my tribe; I took a moment before rushing headlong into my next money making gig. Little did I realise that my subconscious desire to find my tribe to work with, would be the driving force behind the particular adventure I find myself in.

This adventure really started about four months ago, when I seemingly randomly met a man while I was looking for somewhere to live. I say seemingly randomly, because I adamantly don’t believe there is such a thing as coincidence. From the moment of meeting him I knew that we were connected, but I wasn’t at all sure how. His girlfriend coincidentally came from the same village in the United Kingdom that I had spent the last eight years of my life living in. She was also a filmmaker, as I had been, and she had also experienced some of same sorts of health issues that I had. This made me wonder if it was something to do with her?

Even though I didn’t move into his apartment, I knew that our paths would cross again, as much because he belonged to the same swimming club as I did, as anything else. When I found the apartment I did move into, it didn’t have a bed, and as a consummate recycler I went looking on one of the Internet local classified ad sites to find one. Coincidentally, listed was the spare bed from the man’s room. I messaged him and asked if I could buy his bed. Still thinking that the connection had something to do with his girlfriend, I told him that they should both come over to dinner at my new place (around the corner from his apartment.)

We exchanged a few interesting text messages trying to pin down a date for dinner. He told me that dinner probably wouldn’t happen until after he got back from a retreat he was going on. He really hadn’t come across as the sort of guy that went on retreats (he had a background in Mining Technologies – you really don’t get much more down to earth than that!) He particularly did not come across as the sort of guy who would go on the kind of esoteric retreat that he told me he had signed up for. I was intrigued. Maybe the connection had something to do with the retreat? I, myself, was designing a retreat for someone else later in the year and I wondered if I had something to learn from his experience.

Time passed. After the retreat, I was travelling, then he was travelling, then I was travelling again. I saw him at a distance at the swimming club as I was rushing off. Then in the same week I had two unmistakable signs from the Universe that I needed to get in touch with him. I like to think that when the Universe is giving me a nudge in a certain direction, I pay attention, so I messaged him, and we arranged to have brunch after swimming the following week. Brunch was four weeks ago, and I can only describe the speed at which our relationship has developed as one that only occurs when you are in flow.

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