Full Steam Ahead!

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
– Mark Twain

We have a direction and we are taking steps to realise it. This is the most that anyone can ever do. No amount hassling, hustling, harassing, hectoring or hounding ever makes anything go any quicker. All things and that means everything, is proceeding in perfect time. It is rare that this perfect timing is in exact alignment with your own personal clock.

In my own experience I have generally either wanted things to go quicker (impatience) or when they are “in flow”, I have been terrified by the speed at which they were occurring because it wasn’t what I had expected, and therefore I told myself that I wasn’t ready, even if, had I taken a moment to investigate if this was really true, I would have discovered that I was actually ready after all.

We have just met a “CTO for hire” who seems perfect for the job. Diligent and thorough he was already up to speed on some of the directions that we might take, when we met. We have already set aside some time for mapping, which I am very much looking forward to.

Having a background in the film industry, I have always considered technical specification of a product to be like film “storyboarding” – when the words on the page (or in the case of product specification often just inside your head) start becoming a map for the end result. I love this part of the process.

I am much less certain about the writing. The book explaining what it is we are trying to train, teach and instil into individuals as the “go-to” methodology for conflict resolution, is proving much trickier than I anticipated. It isn’t so much that Will isn’t a good writer, he writes excellently, it is more that what he is trying to describe is so much a part of him, that it appears difficult for him to explain it objectively.

I have tried to explain to Will the concept from The Feynman Technique, where despite what you think you know, if you can’t explain it clearly to a 6th grader then you definitely have gaps in your knowledge (and there are always gaps – who knows everything?) I don’t think that he “heard” what I was saying.

At the moment, I am “rolling” with his output and attempting to edit it as well as I am able, however I am feeling very uncomfortable. Uncomfortable about telling someone who knows far more than me about the subject that I don’t think that he is doing a very good job of explaining it; uncomfortable about the challenge (I am one of the-most conflict avoidant people on the planet; uncomfortable about how to address the situation without it all ending in tears.

I think I might take a lead from one of the main learnings of the project and “let go”, just trust that it will all work out perfectly, in exactly the way that it should, at the same time as getting on with the job in hand.

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